4 thoughts on “Friday Frames: Out 1 (1971)

    1. Yes, just when there seems to be a significant revival of interest in his work. Have you seen much Rivette? I’ve only seen Out 1 (though I haven’t gotten around to watching the new restoration yet) and his short Le Coup du berger, and I’m eager to delve further into his filmography. Paris Belongs to Us has been in my Hulu queue for ages, so maybe I’ll watch it this weekend.


      1. Only “Julie & Celine Go Boating” and “Le Pont du Nord.” The Arrow set will be arriving at my doorstep hopefully soon and I’ll delve into that gradually. And I’ll wait for the Criterion of Paris Belongs to Us. So I haven’t seen much, but have seen and read enough to understand that he had a certain genius and radicalism in his work. He defies categorization, as do many of the FNW directors (which really isn’t a category but more an era of movement.)

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      2. That’s the impression that I’ve gotten too, both from Out 1 (which certainly defies categorization) and from things that I’ve read. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Out 1 whenever you get around to it. For me, it was tough going at the beginning (oh, that first episode), but it became surprisingly absorbing as it went on, especially when the various threads started to come together. I haven’t seen Spectre yet, just Noli Me Tangere, so I’m curious to see what was cut there.

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