Traveling Through Time: Two for the Road (1967)


“They don’t look very happy.”
“Why should they? They just got married.”

As this cynical, even grim little exchange that opens the Stanley Donen-directed, Frederic Raphael-scripted 1967 film Two for the Road immediately makes clear, the relationship between Joanna and Mark Wallace (Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney) isn’t exactly the picture of connubial bliss. When, while driving, they chance across a glum pair of newlyweds, prompting this conversation, the Wallaces are over a decade into their own marriage. In light of the coldness and tension between them, their frequent bickering and their open talk about the possibility of divorce, it appears that the end of their shared road through life may be within sight — a road comprising numerous literal journeys throughout France that, taken together, offer a multifaceted portrait of their marriage and how they reached this point.

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Secrecy and Lies: Charade (1963)


“I’m getting a divorce,” Regina Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) announces at the beginning of the 1963 film Charade. Although her friend Sylvie (Dominique Minot) thinks Regina would be foolish to leave her wealthy husband, Charles, and thereby give up her luxurious lifestyle, she’s too unhappy to remain married to him any longer. “I loathe the whole idea of divorce, Sylvie, but if only Charles had been honest with me. That’s all I ask of anybody: the simple truth,” she says. “But with Charles, everything is secrecy and lies. He’s hiding something from me, Sylvie, something terrible, and it frightens me.” She really knows nothing about him — including the fact that he’s just been thrown off of a moving train.

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