A Mimetic Thing: François Truffaut and Jean-Pierre Léaud

François Truffaut and Jean-Pierre Léaud during the filming of Two English Girls, 1971 (Source)

In September of 1958, a fledgling director placed an advertisement in France-Soir, seeking a young adolescent to star in his upcoming movie. Finding the right actor was particularly important to him: Not only would this be his first feature film, but the boy he chose would be playing a thinly veiled version of the director himself.

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The Adventures of Antoine Doinel: Bed and Board (1970)


In 1969, François Truffaut began working on a sequel to Stolen Kisses, one that — as Henri Langlois had requested — would depict the married life of Antoine Doinel and Christine Darbon. “Compared to Stolen Kisses, I’m trying to be much funnier when it’s funny, and much more dramatic when it’s dramatic,” he said during an on-set interview in 1970. “It’s the same mixture. We’re just trying to increase the dosage.” The film was to be called Domicile conjugal (Bed and Board).

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